7th February 2020. Continued with the second day of the workshop organised in University of Prishtina, in Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kosova.

The day started with a presentation “Cooperation with industries: A university perspective from research and education projects”, from Arianit Kurti, Head of Department @Linneaus University, Sweden. Mr Kurti, presented a new approach of collaboration between industry and academia, starting from co-production of courses, joint thesis, up to the applied research.

The day continued with a discussion from Vjollca Cavolli, Executive director @STIKK Kosova. Mrs Cavolli introduced some attempts that were initiated from STIKK association to bring more closer collaboration between academia and industry (example: bringing tematical lecturing from industry into academia, offering training as extra curricular subjects, the creation of industrial board in University of Prishtina, to name a few), but she emphasized that there is lack of standardised communication channels and furthermore she concluded that still there is lack of sustainable long-term plans.

The discussion continued among consortium partners and 15 industry representatives that were part of the workshop, such as: representatives from BpB Bank, BKT Bank, LinkPlus, Zombie Soup, KODE Labs, ICK, ABC, Microsoft Kosova, PBC, OpenDataKosovo, UCX, Appbit.es.

We as consortium partners concluded that we will continue to be in contact with the industry, and in the upcoming days in collaboration with our respective group of colleagues (in UP, UBT and UPz) we will discuss all the possibilities that will help us to refine the communication channels. We will come up with a concrete plan, so we can initiate the collaboration from very “small” perspective and increase the complexity of activities with time (this will have a positive effect on building up the trust between both parties), up to that level that we can encounter as an input to PhDICTKES project.

Krenare Pireva Nuci Work Package 1: Project Preparation