PhDICTKES Reports and Public Deliverables

Deliverable TitleShort descriptionDownload
Analysis of existing PhD programmes in EuropeThe 1st deliverable of the project the Benchmarking of PhDstudies, This report was developed as deliverable 1.2 for Work Package 1 of the project DI-PHDICTKES containing the analyse of existing PhD programmes in Europe and offering a benchmarking of the current tends of PhD studies in ICT. Findings showed what are the main trends and arrangements in all Universities that participated in the survey. The dominant answer was derived and was accompanied by free comments which gave more clarifications to specific issues. As a result of the analysis, a number of issues were identified that are proposed for discussion within the project. The list of proposals has feed the upcoming working packages which deal with details for decisions to be taken and how these decisions will be implemented. Download
Development of Strategy for national research PhD schoolThis initial strategy document is written as initial skeleton for the future model of National Research School. The foundation of the initial version is derived from the 1.4 Workshop for development of strategy for national research, and 20 professors contributed from all 6 consortium partner Universities (UBT, University of Prishtina, University of Prizren, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Linnaeus University and South East European Center). This deliverable will serve as a driven document for running the national PhD School in Kosovo Download
National School Models for Kosovo ContextIn this deliverable are described all three models that are created and adapted during several activities organised in the first year of the project, and the same models have been discussed in all communication levels among all consortium partners. Note that in all models, the PHDICTKES responsibility is the same, i.e. Training, Funding, Policies, Strategies, Regulations and Program Structure. After the completion of the project, these responsibilities will have to move to the National School, irrespective of the model adopted Download
Annual ReportThis document is offering the detailed reporting regarding the 1st year of implementation of the project as an internal evaluation for the project “The development and implementation of a PhD Program in ICT for the Kosovo Education System”, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union under the reference number: 609990-EPP-1-2019-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.Download
Dissemination PlanThis document is offering the detailed plan for dissemination and exploitation as part of the project PhDICTKES. Download
Quality PlanInternal quality assurance and external evaluation of project and institutional programs Download
Communication Plan This Diagram depicts the communication plan among all consortium partners withing the PhDICTKES project. Download
Policy document for National Research School in ICT (NRSI) Establishing a policy document for governance of the
National Research School in ICT (NRSI)
PhD courses Syllabuses for the courses of the PhD program in ICTDownload
PhD curricula A three-year PhD curricula in ICTDownload
PhD Validation prior to applicationValidation of PhD program proposalDownload
Diaspora Conference – additional activityReport from Diaspora Academician & Industrial
Networking Days in ICT