The aim of this project is to establish a National Research School in ICT, and a PhD curricula model that could be used from the Universities that are aiming to offer PhD studies in ICT.

The Partner Country’s specific objectives are as follows:
O1: Establishing a national research school in ICT in Kosovo
O2: Establishing a national curricula for PhD studies in the ICT field with key elements of learning outcomes, goals and skills
O3: Increase the research competences of Kosovo staff Universities
O4: Facilitate the accreditation process of the individual universities’ PhD programs to appropriate national bodies
O5: Implement the national PhD program

The target groups in the Partner County include the following:
1. Potential PhD Students
2. Faculty in higher education
3. Staff in higher education
4. Administration in higher education
5. The participating higher education institutions
6. Industry employers
7. Industry experts

Working Package carried out in this project:

Working Package NumberName of working PackageLeading Partner
WP- 2.1Initiate the research national research school in KosovoLNU
WP- 2.2Increase co-mentorship competencesNTNU
WP- 2.3Increase human capacities for research and mentorshipUP
WP- 2.4PhD program in ICT UBT
WP- 3.Quality controlLNU
WP- 4. Dissemination & ExploitationUHU

This project is coordinated by Linnaeus University (Sweden), in partnership with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), South-East European Research Centre (Greece), University of Prishtina (Kosova), UBT College (Kosova), Ukshin Hoti University (Kosova), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Kosova), Kosovo Accreditation Agency (Kosova).

The project established the following committees:

  • Advisory Board Committee (composed from representatives of all consortium partners with decision power)
  • Local Project Management Committee (composed from representatives of all consortium partners for operational activities)

The Communication Channels among the partners are as follows: