If you like to be part of this important event in the field of ICT please register in the following link: https://axacoair.se/go?TDc7Ywbd&fbclid=IwAR2rLc9x4qqrxPCymTB7G7jTtSSbFjahQfk43UoHAWG93g64dA0_r6QfW54
The agenda for Diaspora Conference you can find in the following link: Agenda_DiasporaConf

The project web site (PhDICTKES): https://phdictkes.eu/

Diaspora conference web site: https://diasporaconf.ubt-uni.net/

Within the Innovation and Training Park Prizren (ITP Prizren), Simon Floeth is leading the newly established project “Digital Transformation Center Kosovo”. The project’s goal is to establish the ITP as the regional hub to promote the digital ecosystem, its entrepreneurs, science, education and the digitalization of businesses towards strengthening Kosovo’s economy. Simon has extensive experience in supporting digital transformation journeys. With a background in the private sector, he worked on improving processes of research and development centers in and for leading German and US companies for several years and helped to establish cooperation between the industry, tech-start-ups and universities. Since joining the GIZ in the field of international cooperation three years ago, he has focused on digital transformation for sustainable economic development in Germany`s partner countries.


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