PHDICTKES project partner coordinators held an online meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Prof. Dukagjin Pupovci. A chronology of discussions and activities with regards to the PHDICTKES project was presented by Prof. Lule Ahmedi from UP and Prof. Krenare Pireva Nuci from UBT.

Prof. Arianit Kurti from the Linnaeus University (LNU) presented the argumentations in favor of supporting, initially, three Teaching Assistants from Kosovo University Partners, by admitting them to the Ph.D. studies at LNU.

In order for this to be accomplished, 50% of their time has to be related to Ph.D. research.

The Deputy Minister, Prof. Dukagjin Pupovci was supportive of this proposal, and pledged support to the project.

Further meetings are planned to be held in the near future, in order to practically discuss the ways in which MESTI can support this proposal.

Arsim Susuri News