After accomplishing the procurement of ICT Lab equipment, UBT last week installed and functionalized the ICT LAB as part of the project PhDICTKES.

With this investment from the Erasmus KA2 capacity building project, UBT is ready to increase research results by utilizing the scientific research equipment installed in the UBT innovation campus.

The PhDICTKES Project general aim is to create a national PhD School, which will serve as a network-type umbrella, under which currently the higher education institution partners (and, in the future, aim to increase the number of affiliated Universities) will be facilitated to create a model curriculum for PhD Program in ICT with direct involvement of Programme Country institutions that have demonstrated long time experience in similar programs.

This project is coordinated by Linnaeus University (Sweden), in partnership with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), South-East European Research Centre (Greece), University of Prishtina (Kosova), UBT College (Kosova), Ukshin Hoti University (Kosova), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Kosova), Kosovo Accreditation Agency (Kosova).

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