Together with our industry partners, Linnaeus University (Lnu, is proud to announce 4 open PhD student positions within our Industry Graduate School on Data Intensive Applications (DIA, DIA is part of the Linnaeus University Excellence Center on Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA, one of the profiled research areas at Lnu.

DIA is recruiting 4 new industrial doctoral students for our partner companies HL Design, Softwerk, and Virtual Manufacturing. The planned research targets applied data-intensive methods, such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, and digital twins.

We seek applicants together with HL Design (1 PhD student), Softwerk (1), and Virtual Manufacturing (2) — other companies participating in DIA include Combitech, Scania, Sigma Technology, Sydved, and Volvo CE.

The application period closes on April 1, 2021.

For information please:

  • follow this link: or
  • contact Prof. Dr. Welf Löwe (Head of DI(S)A, or Diana Unander (Coordinator of DI(S)A,
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