The work of the two-day conference organized by UBT and UPZ in Prizren and Pristina was successfully completed.

In order to create the network of cooperation between industry and academia and the connection of academia of the Albanian diaspora, in the framework of the PhDITKES project, the diaspora conference was organized on 08.08.2022 and 09.08.2022 in Pristina and Prizren. This conference was also attended by representatives from the office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, the Ministry of Education, the Rectors of partner universities in the project and the Ministry of Diaspora, who expressed their willingness to achieve the mission of this project.

This conference brought together Albanian researchers from many European countries and from Kosovo, who during the conference were able to exchange their ideas and open the way for future cooperation.

This cooperation is for the benefit of future doctoral students in the field of ICT because their opportunities for research and practical work will be greater. It was discussed how businesses can contribute to the national doctoral school in the field of ICT having more opportunities to offer future doctoral students. From this conference, some conclusions and work that should be done in the future are as follows:


Proposal of Ideas

  1. Communication Channel
  2. Cross Disciplinarity with the Government
  3. Establishing of one Joint Research Center (in the ITP Facility)
  4. Guest Lectures from the Industry
  5. Credit Internships (15 or 30 Credits)
  6. Regular Networking Events
  7. Yearly workshop for PhDs in Kosovo with the PhDs from Kosovo studying in other Countries
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Creating Networks
  • Potential for Concrete Joint Projects
  • Potentially Strengthening quality for the national PhD School from International Input/Influence
  1. Mixed supervisors teams with Local Professors, International + Industry /Public Institutions for PhD Students
  • Different Perspectives
  • Different Competences
  1. Learn from the National MIT Research School in Sweden
  2. Organizing a series of Webinars enhancing the visibility of the applied research status in Kosovo
  3. Thematic ICT Clusters
  4. Public Financing
  5. Study Visits to Industry


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