The Advisory Board of the PHDICTKES project held its 5th meeting (online), today at 15:00.

The meeting was hosted by Professor Ann-Charlotte Larsson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor from LNU.

Main topics that were discussed included:

  • Presentation of the Policy Document was done by Rector from UP, Professor Naser Sahiti
  • Discussion related to the Policy Document with the main focus on debatable points – possibilities of having the flat approach
  • Discussion of the Draft Sustainability plan was led by Professor Anita Mirijamdotter from LNU
  • Professor Krenare Pireva Nuci from UBT presented upcoming activities according to the project proposal, including revised time planning Diaspora Conference and study visits (SEERC, NTNU).

It was agreed that the Policy Document needs some further adjustments and as such will be shared for further comments.

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