In a major step towards enhancing the quality of higher education in Kosovo, the Linnaeus University (LNU) organized a two day(27-28.04.2023) workshop for PhD supervision training as part of the project “The development and implementation of a PhD Program in ICT for the Kosovo Education System (PhDICTKES)”. The workshop brought together experts from leading universities in Europe, including LNU Sweden, NTNU Norway, and SEERC Greece.

The aim of the workshop was to equip academic staff members with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective supervision to PhD candidates in the field of ICT. The trainers shared their expertise and experience in areas such as identifying research topics, managing PhD projects, and providing constructive feedback to candidates.

The event was attended by a diverse group of participants, including senior professors, young researchers, and PhD students from various universities as University of Pristina, University of Prizren and UBT. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas and best practices, and build networks with experts in their field.

Speaking about the workshop, the project coordinator, Anita Mirijamdoter, expressed his gratitude to the trainers for their valuable contribution to the project. He also highlighted the importance of such initiatives in improving the quality of higher education in Kosovo and enhancing the country’s human resource development.

The workshop is part of a larger project, funded by the European Union, aimed at developing and implementing a PhD program in ICT for the Kosovo education system. The project aims to address the skills gap in the field of ICT and improve the employability prospects of Kosovo’s youth.

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