Title and reference number of the work package (WP) Working Package 2.1: DEVELOPMENT 2-1 Initiate the research national research school in Kosovo
Indicators of achievement and or/performance as indicated in the project proposal The creation of new research LABs in Kosovo Universities Making available the LABs also for research purposes, between students and staff and also for region Universities

Activities carried out to date to achieve this result:

Activity N° Activity Title Start date End date Place Description of the activity carried out Specific and measurable indicators of achievement
2.4 Plan and purchase the RI equipments   Initiated 2020  still Prishtina, RKS Plan and purchase the lab equipment is in progress. All HEI in Kosovo (3) have reopened the procurement process for the second time (in line with discussion that we had with our PO in Brussels) since the first iteration was closed without receiving any interests from companies.   Current situation :   UHU University has finished the procurment process and installed the infrastructure in their campusUP has split the procurment in two different processes, the first one is finished, the second one is in progress UBT has closed the second call of procurment process and is in evaluation of the accepted offers. -Set of documents for the tendering developed -List of equipment to be purchased developed – Installment the infrastructure in Universities in Kosovo  

Changes that have occurred in this result since the original proposal:

  The equipment for each of the Universities has been analyzed one more time, and specific changes has been made in accordance with PO in Brussels.