Title and reference number of the work package (WP) Working Package 2.2   DEVELOPMENT 2-2   Increase human capacities for research and mentorship  
Indicators of achievement and or/performance as indicated in the project proposal   Academic staff training for new modules and also for the new approach of learning outcomes  

Activities carried out to date to achieve this result:

Activity N° Activity Title Start date End date Place Description of the activity carried out Specific and measurable indicators of achievement
  2.2.1 Training for mentorship 28-Oct-20 29-Oct-20 Online The two day workshop orginised by NTNU initiated with “Research methodology”, then continuing with “Requirements, quality, evaluation, collaboration within PhD Program”. In the second part of the day, NTNU continued with “Supervising PhDs in Norway and in Greece: Experiences, challenges, similarities, differences”, and “PhD Experiences” The second day continued with “Ethics”, “Recruitment and administration”, “Life as a PhD Student in Norway”, “The required documentation toward student-mentor collaboration -from PhD program perspective”.Since the workshop was online, it was open for all the participants from HEI in Kosovo, professors, administrators and students. Statistics for quality indicators in teaching and learning processes   Report for all related activities, number of academic staff participated in workshops, trainings
  2.2.2/2.4.4 Workshop for co-mentoring and research projects 2- Feb – 2021 2- Feb – 2021 Online Increasing the co-mentoring and research projects competences workshop was orgiised by SEERC, and a number of models for co-mentoring were presented and discsussed, including Sheffield UK model, the one that SEERC if practising for two decades.   A report from NTNU is currently in progress, which mainly deals with different models of co-mentoring students will be presented.

Activities to be carried out to achieve this outcome (before the end of the project)