The Advisory Board of the PHDICTKES project held its 4th meeting online on the 3rd of November 2021.

Professor Arianit Kurti, from LNU lead the discussion related to potential PhD students being admitted to LNU. He informed the board about the possibilities that each of the three Universities in Kosovo, partners to this project, could initially, offer one full-time staff from each of the institutions to be admitted to PhD studies in LNU.

One pre-requisite is that the admitted staff has to have 50% of their time to be dedicated to PhD studies. Co-mentoring was also mentioned as an additional added value to the cooperation between LNU and the respective Kosovo Universities, offering PhD students.

Mid-term feedback was presented by Prof. Krenare, from UBT. She explained, in detail, the mid-term report, and detailed the practical approach in communicating information between project partners.

Discussing and planning upcoming activities according to the project proposal, including possible revisions, related to WP2.4, were also presented by Prof. Krenare.

Additional issues such as the Erasmus+ visit from the Erasmus+ Kosovo were discussed. Arsim for UHU explained the visit to the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren and the visit to the laboratory, where the equipment was placed and is functional.

The closing of the procurement process, related to the purchase of equipment for the three Kosovo Partner Universities was discussed, they were urged to complete the process as soon as possible.

The possibility to request a one-year extension of the project was supported by the Advisory Board members, since many activities of the project were postponed, due to COVID-19.

The interaction with an existing project, the ResearchCult, and the potential benefits, in terms of empowering scientific research and collaboration between institutions, was discussed.

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