A mutual meeting between PhDICTKES and ResearchCult is orginised with the aim of presenting the respective project activities and discussing possibilities for creating synergies among the planned activities.



The ResearchCult project coordinator Bujar Gallopeni expressed the need to collaborate and support the activities with respect to the ICT journal and the conference that is planned to be organized in April 2022 in Peja, Kosovo. The PhDICTKES project coordinator prof Anita Mirijamdotter expressed the will to support on organizing, reviewing and boosting the number of the research papers. Further the national project coordinator for Kosovo, Krenare Pireva Nuci also emphasized the need to collaborate in Research Ethics and Integrity, both in institutional and national level.

The meeting closed with concrete planning for the following points:

  • Organising the International Conference – ICALARTI planned for 14-15 April, in Peja, Kosovo
  • Facilitating the process with respect to scientific Journal in ICT domain
  • Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Developing modalities for populating Kosovo Research Information System Platform.

For more information regarding the ResearchCult project please visit the website: http://researchcult.net/

Krenare Pireva Nuci News

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