DIASPORA CONFERENCE-invited speaker (Fisnik Dalipi, LNU Sweden)
The link for registering in this event you can find here: https://axacoair.se/go?TDc7Ywbd&fbclid=IwAR2DKFqYKSIOKnwA1xRYQ-m4fhhEVfUAuveLHtEWkLgEDqY7pejHBG5qrDA

Agenda of Diaspora Conference: https://phdictkes.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Agenda_DiasporaConf.pdf

The project web site (PhDICTKES): https://phdictkes.eu/

Diaspora conference web site: https://diasporaconf.ubt-uni.net/

Fisnik Dalipi, LNU Sweden
Fisnik Dalipi currently works as senior lecturer at the Department of Informatics at Linnaeus University (LNU). He holds the title associate professor in information systems from the University of South-Eastern Norway, where he was previously working. Dr. Dalipi has been supervising students at different academic levels and has been involved in the development and curriculum preparation at bachelor and master level. He is actively serving as a program committee member and reviewer in many international conferences, workshops and journals.
He has participated in projects funded by Swedish Knowledge Foundation, Norwegian Research Council, the Regional Research Council of Norway and EU Horizon 2020. His current research interest revolves around learning technologies, MOOC, information security, user experience and applied artificial intelligence.
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