The European Union’s ERASMUS+ program is committed to successfully implementing its funded projects across partner countries. As part of this commitment, a monitoring visit has been scheduled for the DI-PHDI project in Kosovo, specifically to the University of Pristina.
The monitoring visit is aimed at understanding the progress of the project and assessing its outcomes. The visit will take half a day, during which time the project activities undertaken and the results achieved will be evaluated. The visit will also serve as an opportunity to address any operational or financial issues that may have arisen and explore potential solutions.
The monitoring visit program has included several activities, beginning with an introductory meeting with the rector and senior management of the University of Pristina. Following this, there was a meeting with project representatives to discuss the status of implementation, deliverables achieved to date, and any issues or constraints encountered. The monitoring team also meets with relevant beneficiaries, such as students, academic staff, trainers, trainees, and other internal or external stakeholders who are benefitting from the project.
In addition to the meetings, the monitoring team conducts a visit to the university’s premises to assess the equipment purchased within the project and any other relevant structures created. This will provide an opportunity to observe firsthand the implementation of the project and its impact on the university and its stakeholders.
The monitoring visit is a critical part of the ERASMUS+ program’s commitment to ensuring the success of its funded projects. The visit will provide valuable insights into the progress of the DI-PHDI project and its impact on the partner country, Kosovo.

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