UBT welcomed a delegation from National Erasmus Office+ in Kosovo on 15th of October 2020 as part of their monitoring visit. Attendees from the National Erasmus+ Office –were Director Jehona Lushaku Sadriu and Project Officer Blerina Zjaqa.

Whereas, UBT was represented by President Edmond Hajrizi, acting Dean of Computer Science Faculty, Dr. Bertan Karahoda, National and Local Project Coordinator Dr. Krenare Pireva Nuci, and Dr. Naim Preniqi and Elinda Krasniqi from the Project Office.

During the orginised visit, a presentation by Dr. Pireva Nuci was given related to the project overview, the implementation progress, and its visibility. The activities were discussed also with respect to the impact of the COVID-19 situation.

The discussion among NEO and the UBT President concluded by emphasizing the continual support that EU is giving at the national and regional levels for the Education System.

Krenare Pireva Nuci News