Representatives from the EU Erasmus+ Office in Prishtina visited University of Prishtina (UP) on October 16th for monitoring purposes on the implementation so far of the PhD ICT KES project.

Prof. Ahmedi (manager for UP of the project), together with the ZKPS Office representatives, Prof. Berisha (head of the office) and Mr. Seferi (research officer), hosted Prof. Lushaku (head of the office) and Ms. Zjaqa (project officer) at the meeting room of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The meeting commenced with an introduction, to then continue with an overview on the project overall, the activities and results achieved so far, the consequences due to COVID-19 and how are they addressed, and a Q&A session.

At the end of the meeting, an open discussion and a concluding remark was made by both parties for the support that the EU through its office in Prishtina is providing to the HEI institutions, Erasmus+ grantees in Kosovo, and to UP specifically.

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