Today at University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren is held the first meeting of the board of the National School for Research in ICT. The honorary members of the board are Prof.Dr.Arianit Kurti from Linnaeus University Sweden, Prof.Dr.Anita Mirijamdoter from Linnaeus University Sweden and members from partner universities Prof. Dr. Sefer Avdiaj from UP, Prof.Dr. Edmond Hajrizi from UBT and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Zirije Hasani from UPZ. Part of the board of this school is the international and local universities that have been coordinators and partners in this project: Linnaeus University, UUHP, UP, and UBT.

In the meeting, various issues related to the development of the school, the Sustainability Plan for the National ICT Research School, and the planning for the application in the next project within the school were discussed.

The National School for Research in ICT ( was founded due to the three-year PhDICTKES Erasmus+ project. The purpose of the Kosovo National Research School in ICT is to act as an umbrella for doctoral programs in ICT in the Republic of Kosovo. It will organize trainings, workshops, webinars and other joint activities, with the aim of advancing ICT in Kosovo.

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