The workshop, Training for Mentorship (activity 2.2.1) as part of working package 2.2 which is led by NTNU University is happening now in distance through zoom technology.

It started with a welcome message from Ali Shariq Imran and Mohamed Abomhara from the host University.

Then it continued with the following presentations:

Topic 1: Research methodology – Frode Volden (NTNU) and additional discussion from Martin Wulf Gerdes

Topic 2: Supervising PhDs in Norway and in Greece: Experiences, challenges, similarities, differences – Sokratis Katsikas (NTNU)

Topic 3:PhD experiences – Katerina Mangaroska (NTNU)

The 1st day of the workshop is closed after an hour of discussion among all participants related to the specific topics that were covered during this day.

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