Workshop: Supervisory Seminar for PHDICTKES- 28 and 29 October 2020

As announced, the two-day training was successfully completed. Due to the pandemic, the training was conducted online through Zoom.

This workshop is organized as part of the PHDICTKES project to facilitate and mentor faculty and staff members from Kosovo Universities who will be involved in Ph.D. supervision. The workshop aims to shed some light on the procedure and protocols employed/practiced at NTNU from hiring a Ph.D. candidate to completing the Ph.D. degree, discussing the key topics involving research methodology/ethics and some experiences from the supervisor/student perspective.

The training was attended by over 30 people from various partner institutions from Norway, Sweden, Greece and Kosovo.

It is worth noting that a large number of presentations were made by various professors and current students who were in doctoral studies in Norway to share their experiences related to PhD studies.

We were also introduced to the administrative procedures for recruiting students for PhD studies.

For more on the following you can see the agenda:

Some photos taken during the training are presented below:

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