Title: Building a Data-Driven Government: Lessons Learned from Estonia’s Journey

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Speaker: Ott Velsberg, IT specialist and government official in Estonian

Date: Oct. 17 2023, 14:00-15:00


In this presentation, attendees will gain a strategic overview of Estonia’s government digital and data transformation journey, presented by the country’s Chief Data Officer, Ott Velsberg. Estonia has emerged as a leader in e-government and has undergone a significant digital transformation journey. The country has leveraged AI to achieve its goals, with more than 120 AI use cases already implemented in government and an ambitious goal of implementing over 170 AI use cases by 2024. Through utilising data the country aims to make public services easier to use and more accessible while creating a seamless and proactive citizen-centric government. During the presentation, Velsberg will share the successes and challenges of Estonia’s digital and data transformation journey, drawing on his experience as the Chief Data Officer. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the lessons learned throughout this journey and receive practical advice on how to embark on their own digital and data transformation journeys. Highlights of Estonia’s data initiatives, including the citizen virtual assistant Bürokratt, open data, data governance, data stewardship, citizen-centric data governance, data tracker will also be presented.


Ott Velsberg is a renowned Estonian IT specialist and government official, known for his expertise in data governance and data science. As the current Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Estonia, he is responsible for driving the country’s data policy and initiatives related to the use of data in the public sector. Velsberg has a wealth of experience in coordinating data governance and data science, with a focus on domains such as artificial intelligence, open data, citizen-centric data governance, data management, and digital transformation. Under his leadership, Estonia has gained a reputation as a trendsetter in data governance, open data, and artificial intelligence.  With his passion for technology and data, he is making significant contributions to Estonia’s digital transformation and shaping the country’s future in data governance.

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