The National Research School in ICT, organized a thought-provoking webinar titled “6GESS – 6G Enabling Sustainable Society.” The webinar showcased the expertise of esteemed speaker Dr. Minna Isomursu, Professor of Digital Health at the University of Oulu.

During the engaging webinar, Dr. Isomursu emphasized the crucial role of health in constructing a sustainable society. Her insightful talk delved into the ways in which digitalization can contribute to achieving sustainable health outcomes by enhancing healthcare accessibility, empowering patients, and optimizing healthcare delivery.

Dr. Isomursu also shared her perspectives on the digitalization of care pathways, health data sharing, and the development of digitalization skills and competencies. She highlighted their potential to facilitate the attainment of sustainable health objectives.

The webinar provided an interactive platform for discussion between Professor Isomursu, professors, and students from our esteemed partner universities. Together, they explored the importance of sustainable health in building a society that can thrive in the face of challenges.

NRSI remains committed to driving innovation and knowledge exchange in the field of ICT. By hosting insightful webinars like “6GESS – 6G Enabling Sustainable Society,” the school continues to inspire researchers, students, and industry professionals to explore innovative solutions for building a sustainable future.

You can access the complete webinar by clicking on the following link:


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