On 16th October 2020 the Erasmus+ Office in Prishtina had a monitoring visit at University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren which is partner in PhDICTKES Project.

The representatives from the EU Erasmus+ Office in Prishtina were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science Prof.Asoc.Dr. Samedin Krrabaj at UHU.

Then Prof. Ass.Dr. Arsim Susuri (manager for UHU of the project) informed in detail the representatives of the Erasmus+ Office in Prishtina about the progress of the project and the contribution given by the Faculty of Computer Science at the University “Ukshin Hoti” in this project.

The presentation started with on introduction then continued with on overview about the project and the tasks addressed to UHU in this project, the continued with the results achieved for the tasks that are finished and plans for others task to finish in the future. It was mentioned that due to the pandemic COVID-19 many visits were canceled but the activities were conducted online and the work on the project did not stop.

At the end the discussion and question and answers session are conducted by the representatives of Erasmus+ Office in Prishtina and representatives from UHU.

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