17th May 2023


The Kosovo National Research School in ICT (established by ERASMUS founded project PhDICTKES) successfully organized a captivating webinar today titled “Why Are Digital Platforms All the Rage: The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Platforms.” The distinguished speaker, Carsten Sørensen, a renowned expert in the field of digital platforms, captivated the virtual audience with his insightful perspectives and extensive knowledge.


Carsten Sørensen, a professor at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science, has been at the forefront of research and analysis on digital platforms and their impact on society, economy, and technology. With his profound expertise, he has contributed significantly to the understanding of the role and significance of digital platforms in today’s rapidly evolving world.


The webinar commenced at 14 p.m. local time, attracting a diverse audience of researchers, scholars, industry professionals, and students from the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The event’s online format allowed participants from across Kosovo and beyond to engage in this informative session.


During the webinar, Carsten Sørensen took the participants on a captivating journey through the historical development, present challenges, and future prospects of digital platforms. Drawing from his extensive research and practical experiences, he shed light on various aspects such as the rise of platform-based business models, their impact on traditional industries, the evolving regulatory landscape, and the potential disruptions that lie ahead.


The event served as an excellent platform for attendees to gain valuable insights and exchange ideas with a leading expert in the field. Participants had the opportunity to interact with Carsten Sørensen through a dedicated Q&A session, where they could pose thought-provoking questions and delve deeper into the subject matter.


The Kosovo National Research School in ICT expressed its gratitude to Carsten Sørensen for his invaluable contribution to the webinar, making it a highly informative and engaging session for all participants. The school reiterated its commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration in the ICT domain and affirmed its dedication to organizing similar events in the future.


The webinar on “Why Are Digital Platforms All the Rage: The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Platforms” by Carsten Sørensen served as a significant milestone in the journey of Kosovo National Research School in ICT towards promoting academic excellence and facilitating meaningful discussions on emerging technologies and their implications for society.

The presentation you can find here!

The video recording from this webinar you can find here


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