Date: May 18, 2023


Today, the Management Board of the PhDICTKES (PhD in Information and Communication Technologies for Kosovo Education System) project convened for a crucial meeting to discuss the progress, challenges, and future plans of the project. The meeting, attended by key stakeholders, focused on various agenda items, including the development of a sustainability plan and addressing other pertinent matters.

The participants in the meeting included representatives from the European Union, project coordinators, supervisors, and other relevant stakeholders. Together, they deliberated on important aspects related to the project’s objectives, ensuring its successful implementation, and achieving long-term sustainability.

A new agenda item introduced during the meeting was the sustainability plan. Recognizing the importance of ensuring the project’s long-term impact, the board discussed strategies to maintain the project’s outcomes beyond its completion. Additionally, other important matters were addressed, seeking to address any pressing concerns and facilitate a smooth project conclusion.

To begin the meeting, a recap of the previous session was presented. This allowed participants to refresh their memories on past discussions, decisions, and action points, ensuring continuity and progress in the project.

The board then focused on the follow-up of the recent EU project monitoring office visit in Kosovo, specifically in the University of Pristina, which was presented by prof.Lule Ahmeti. The findings and recommendations from the visit were discussed, and appropriate actions were identified to address any identified gaps or areas for improvement.

Budget issues were another important point of discussio during the meeting. Katarina, responsible for overseeing the project’s financial aspects, provided an update on the budget status. The board examined the financial report, reviewed expenses, and discussed strategies to optimize resource allocation effectively.

The progress of supervisor training in Pristina, led by Kadri, was also reviewed. The board discussed the outcomes of the training and assessed its effectiveness in enhancing the supervision process for the project. Recommendations were made to further support and enhance the training activities.

Spring and autumn activities were also a key focus of the meeting. The board reviewed the proposed plans and evaluated their alignment with the project’s objectives. Discussions revolved around optimizing the activities to maximize their impact and ensure effective knowledge transfer.

The status of accreditations of PhD program at UP related to the project was another crucial aspect addressed. The board received updates on the accreditation process and discussed any pending requirements or challenges that needed to be addressed promptly.

Considering the project’s timeline, the management board engaged in discussions about planning for its conclusion and the transfer of its outcomes, including operational governance. Strategies for a smooth transition and ensuring the project’s legacy were explored.

Pending deliverables were also put forth for approval during the meeting. The board reviewed these deliverables, assessed their compliance with project requirements, and made necessary decisions regarding their approval.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of any additional items that emerged during the session. Participants were given the opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, or suggestions. The board then summarized the key points discussed and concluded the meeting on a positive note, affirming their commitment to the project’s success.

As the PhDICTKES project moves forward, this management board meeting served as an important platform for collaboration, decision-making, and planning, ultimately ensuring the project’s continued progress and long-term impact on the education system in Kosovo.

Also, other visits to Linnaeus University are planned to be held in September.


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